Membership Rules

The under mentioned categories of persons will be eligible to become the members of the library:

-  All staff members of the Institute.

-  All students of different courses conducted by the Institute.

- Scientific and Technical Libraries within the Union Territory of Delhi.

Number of publications that can be borrowed.

S.No. Category    No. of Publication
1 Faculty (including Research Officers)   10
2 Other staff members   5
3 Students of MD and Diploma Courses   10
4 One year course/Trainees of short term courses 2
5 Other libraries  4

Period of loan and responsibilities of the borrower:-

- Books can be returned by the members  within 15 days from the date of issue.

- The books issued for Departmental Libraries can be retained for one year from the date of issue.

- If any publication is required urgently by the Library, it will be recalled even before the due date.

- No Publication will issued to any member if there are any outstanding publication/publications against his/her name.

- If the outstanding publications are not returned/renewed, even after three reminders (issued normally within fifteen days from the due date) for return, the publications will be assumed as lost and the cost will be recovered.

- Publications kept as reserved category “For use in Library” can be borrowed on overnight issue system.

Estimation of the cost of publication lost:

The estimation of the cost of the publications lost will be as under:

- The actual cost of the publication as recorded in the library records plus Rs. 10/- handling charges.

- In case of publications where there is no record of the cost, the cost as determined by the Library Committee will charged.

- In case of out of Print/rare publications, the actual cost of making Xerox copy/microfilm will be charged.