Research Projects
NDC has completed following projects:

1. Directory of post-graduate research MD(PSM), MD(CHA), MHA, MD(HA) in Community Health. 

2. "Union Catalogue of non-print material available in Health Science libraries in Delhi".

3. Bibliographical database on compendium of reports and documents published in health and family welfare area.

4. Bibliographical database on Tribal health.

New Initiative taken by NDC

1. NDC has joined NML-ERMED India Consortium. In this Consortia nearly 2753 journals including E-Journals are accessable. The link of the site is --> National Documentation Centre --> Online Journals (NML-ERMED India Consortium) --> User.


2. The first phase of digitization project has been completed and most of the rare and important publications like Committee Reports, HPPI journals, NIHFW Publications etc. have been digitized and it is accessible through our institute website.

Automation Activities at NDC
1. Library Automation:

The National Documentation Centre has Automated its activities by using a Library Application Software called “Troodon”, so that the day-to-day in-house activities of NDC can be performed quickly, smoothly and accurately i.e.,

a) Procurement of books;
b) Technical Processing;
c) Circulation;
d) Serial Control;
e) Documentation Services;
f) OPAC Search,
g) Maintenance.
h) Reference Services


2. Local Area Network (LAN):

Local Area Network has been installed in NDC with one Pentium IV and Nine Nodes.  One node for Circulation, one for Acquisition of Books and one for  Journals; two for creation and updating of in-house databases and others for the users to access the databases.